The five main areas of holistic health comprise: physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual health. As Registered Dietitians at Tracy Ugarchund & Associates, we focus primarily on your physical health through dietetics and nutrition. We can however guide you with regards to the other four main areas of holistic health and we respect and incorporate culture, budget and lifestyle needs when developing tailor made nutritional plans for your dietary goals.

However, it is up to you to complement your physical well-being with the other four abovementioned disciplines. Not only will this enhance your fitness in general, but it will give you the tools to ensure you persevere through the challenging times of your dietary changes and goals.

Why is nutrition important?

Many of us understand the crucial role nutrition plays in our overall well-being, and how eating the correct food is necessary for our health and growth. Various factors like learnt eating habits can hinder this. For instance, if your parents used to feed you only deep fried food when growing up, it can be quite hard to change your diet. Modern technology has allowed us wonderful items like air fryers for instance. They give your favourite food a deep fried texture using little to no oil.

The sad reality is that even if you seem like you are in good shape (e.g. lean with no physical ailment), if you continue eating poorly, it will no doubt affect your health in the long run. Vitamin deficiencies, a weakened immune system, low bone density and diabetes are but a few of the health conditions that could affect you once you reach the middle stages of your life.

As Registered Dietitians we are here for you, no matter your dietary needs

Nutrients are the fuel we need to help the body break down food to enable your body to repair and build cells and tissue. This is basically your metabolism.

The healthy human body needs seven different kinds of nutrients to thrive, also known as macronutrients. These are proteins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients, and as healthy individuals we need lees of them, depending on our body’s deficiencies. Most of these nutrients fuel energy, while others have other important roles like digestion and hydration.

All the dietitians at Tracy Ugarchund & Associates are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HSPCA). They are nutrition professionals who can help diagnose and treat illnesses, but can also provide expert guidance on how to achieve optimum health through nutrition, even if you are simply looking to get the best out of your diet.

What makes Tracy Ugarchund & Associates unique? 

All the dietitians at the practice are university qualified and strive to improve their performance and knowledge through continuous development and evidence based nutrition.

The whole team is hospital based at Mediclinic Constantiaberg, and treat a range of clinical conditions daily.

Their approach is open-minded, and consultations are easy and safe to access.

They are able to interpret blood results and prescribe medication relevant to your diet.

Each and every dietitian has many years of dietetic experience and treats many clients with a variety of conditions and nutritional challenges every day.

The practice is contracted to medical aids.

A dietitian from Tracy Ugarchund & Associates can also conduct a home visit.

You can also opt for a virtual consultation if you prefer an appointment from the comfort of your own home.

Tracy and her Associates pride themselves on their caring, passionate and highly professional approach to their interactions with their clients and patients. To learn more about what they specialise in and how a Registered Dietitian differs from a nutritionist, read more here.

You can also contact Tracy on 082 657 0700 or via email at Tracy and her Associates are available for consultations at the Mediclinic Constantiaberg (Burnham Road, Plumstead, Cape Town) or you can book an online consultation with Tracy or any of her Associates.