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OPTIMAL HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION To improve practice of nutrition therapies in the critical care setting
in a manner that will translate into improved clinical outcomes for
critically ill patients and improved efficiencies to our health care systems
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NOW OFFERING ONLINE CONSULTING Consult with Tracy and here team from anywhere in South Africa.
With today’s fast-paced, dynamic and changeable world, Tracy offers her
services face to face, or virtually, in the comfort of your own space.
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LET US HELP YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE Dieticians are experts in food and nutrition. They advise people on what to eat
in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health related goal.
Dietitians council individuals with nutrition-related conditions such as obesity,
diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, gastro-intestinal disorders, food allergies/
intolerances and eating disorders, as well as cancer, kidney and liver diseases.
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Many years of experience

Easy and safe access

Able to interpret blood results and medication prescribed in relation to diet.


University qualified, continuous
professional development & evidence based nutrition

Hospital based – treat a variety of clinical conditions on a daily basis

Contracted to medical aids

Virtual consults – for those who prefer to be counselled from a distance

Home visits

About Tracy Ugarchund & Associates


Tracy Ugarchund has many years of experience in almost all aspects of nutrition and diet. Weight management, diabetes, oncology and critical care are some of the areas I treat on a daily basis. Together with my associates, we have a diverse range of solutions to help keep you healthy through diet and nutrition.

Meet Tracy Ugarchund

Born and brought up in sunny KwaZulu Natal, I am the only daughter to my amazing parents, mum Rosemary and late dad, Edward. The University of Cape Town is my alma mater. After completing my BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology, I went on to study my Honours degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. This degree allowed me to pursue my passion to work with people and food in a clinical environment. It is so rewarding to help people improve their lives with eating healthily. Based opposite Constantiaberg Mediclinic, I’m honoured to be part of such a dynamic institution. My colleagues and I work as a team together with my associate dietitians to give our patients the best care always.

I am blessed to be married to Bimesh and we have two sons quite a few years apart in age. My mum also lives with us as well as our nanny Loice. So, if you ask me about nutrition for all ages and cultures – I should know personally and professionally.

When I am not working, I’m spending time with my family. We love being outdoors preferably in the sun – for our vitamin D dose off course. My hobbies include cooking, photography and music.

My vision as a dietitian is to help people see that food can be enjoyed even when its healthy. To be able to empower someone with the ability to plan prepare and cook their own healthy food, is very rewarding. To make the right choices whether you are shopping, ordering or eating. Once we understand which foods we need to eat more and less of, we can overcome many chronic lifestyle diseases. Simple changes can make a huge difference.

Meet the Associates

I believe in values that surround good nutrition for all stages of life. My focus is on creating healthy, mindful eating habits that are sustainable, helping you get the best out of your body. Real food is for real people, which means nothing gets left behind.

My journey with Dietetics began with the love for food and a special interest in
how it fuels you. I’ve attained my BsC Honours in Dietetics and Nutrition at the
University of the Western Cape, and completed my community service in the Free State,
therefore gaining exposure to both public and private sectors in health.

If I’m not at the practice or in hospital wards, you’ll find me in my kitchen – where I’m either trying new recipes or learning to perfect old ones. My approach to healthy eating is knowing that everything is good in moderation, and entrusting yourself with the knowledge and tools (or right ingredients) you need to make the journey successful, whatever your nutrition journey may look like.

“If everyone received the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health.”
– Hippocrates

How we can help you



Impaired glucose tolerance, Type 1 & 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, insulin education and carbohydrate counting


Prevention & symptom management during treatment


Irritable bowel syndrome and disease, diverticulitis, gluten and lactose intolerance

Weight Management

Loss/gain and support


Predialysis and dialysis nutrition

Homecare & general

PEG tubes, stoma and wound care
Healthy eating and balanced nutrition.
Medical aid assessments and Corporate consulting



Stories of people whose experience with Tracy Ugarchund & Assoc. have inspired new lifestyles and leases on life. We want to ensure we build stronger relationships with our clients after they leave us and so encourage regular check-ins to insure your lifestyle is measured and constant.

Miranda Benjamin

Autoimmune Patient
I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease (Collagenous sprue )which was discovered after so many tests and a long stay in hospital. My specially formulated feed was my lifeline at such a critical stage of my life. I initially lost over 20kg. I couldn’t keep anything in. Starving involuntarily was horrible. I was asked to write a short testimony but honestly, how could I possibly sum up how much gratitude I feel in my heart. If I think back how desperate I was at the time and how caring Tracey was my eyes fill up with tears, my heart full of joy. Thank You once again Tracy, for the special care that you have provided me with while I was fighting for my life during my stay at Constantiaberg Hospital. Your caring nature and your lovely smile makes a huge difference in the lives of people like myself and many others. I will never forget you for as long as I live and beyond life on this earth.

Mervyn Keet

Cholesterol Patient
I first saw Tracy Ugarchund 10years ago, for cholesterol guidelines. A little while later I was diagnosed with diabetes and I saw Tracy again for diet intervention. She helped me keep my blood sugar under control. She has been sweet and caring ever since our 1st consult and we’ve stayed in touch throughout the years. I was recently diagnosed with renal failure. Once again Tracy was there to help me make sense of all of it. Having heart complications, diabetes and renal failure meant the diet was quite complex. Tracy was able to make it practical, affordable and sustainable. She is always available when we need her. Now my kidney functioned has improved. I thank my dietitian Tracy for helping back get my diet back on track.

Samantha Haupt

Diabetic Patient
I have been seeing Tracy Ugarchund since February 2018 and I can honestly say that she is the best Dietician I have ever been to. I am a Diabetic with Hypertension, so it is important that I follow a healthy eating plan. She has helped me to understand my diet better and the impact that it has on my Diabetes and the insulin that I take. She understands that Diabetics are human, and that we don’t always make the best dietary choices, but she is never judgemental about it – she just helps you get back on track. I have Tracy on WhatsApp, and she always responds almost immediately with the best advice whenever I have any questions or concerns about my blood sugar readings being too high or too low, even when its after hours!. Tracy is really awesome, and she cares about her patients. I would recommend Tracy as a dietician unreservedly!

Let us help you
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