We firmly believe kids have an innate need to be healthy, but they also have to be taught and reminded of it. It’s so easy for them to get distracted by all the junk food and sugary drinks on the market and the constant advertising that pushes unhealthy diet agendas.

Practice what you preach

Now’s here’s the clincher: you can tell your kids over and over what is good for them nutritionally and what they should or shouldn’t eat, but when they observe and experience those good habits displayed by you, they are way more likely to stick to them. This is especially true for food.

This is not to say it is too late to teach your older kids new healthier ways of eating, it would just greatly benefit everyone if you ‘live’ your advice in practice. The bonus? You get to eat healthier too. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

The power of eating healthy

Strong teeth and bones

Balanced energy levels

Healthy weight

Prevention of chronic diseases

Improved mental health: clear and alert thinking (very important!)

Stay healthy with fresh produce and portion control

We recommend two portions of fruit and two portions of veg per day – the more different colours on the plate, the better. Main meals should contain a protein, a carbohydrate (wholegrain and high fibre) and a vegetable portion. Let them help you choose veggies and fruit from the shops and help you prepare them. Most kids love cooking and like to be part of meal prep. It makes them feel valued. And have some fun with it! It’s a great way to bond with your child.

This is not to say your kids can’t have a sweet or a deep fried treat every now and then, but try and balance it with a glass water or a small portion of fruit or veggies on the side. Children who are deprived of all the yummy snacks their friends get to eat might build resentment towards their parents or overindulge on these foods when they get their hands on them.

Contact us for help

As cute as the stubbornness can be in other areas, when it comes to trying new foods, some kids can be very set in their ways. Our Registered Dietitians know how to guide and help your little ones to a healthier eating pattern and can give you tailored meal plans that incorporate their favourite foods with new ingredients. Plus hearing it from a medical professional is sometimes just the push they need to change their minds.