This year National Kidney Awareness Week is from 6-10 September. It’s important that we focus on the health and functioning of our kidneys. Kidneys play a vital role in our everyday life.

Your kidneys cleanse your blood of toxins. They also transform that waste into urine. Each kidney weighs about 160 grams and gets rid of between 1-1½ litres of urine per day. Two kidneys working together filter around 200 litres of fluid every 24 hours. 

It goes without saying that if your kidneys don’t work properly, your health will deteriorate and can lead to kidney failure. There are ways to prevent and manage this, but often you’ll need to see a medical professional

A Cape Town’s mom’s kidney struggle 

Being blessed with healthy kidneys is unfortunately not possible for everyone. Queenie Norman is a 30-year old mom from Pelikan Park and is desperately seeking help to raise funds to receive life-saving dialysis. She was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease two years ago. She is struggling to cover her medical costs, which cost around R30 000 per month (R9 000 for 3 treatments per week). 

Queenie’s family has started a fundraising campaign on BackaBuddy, as she could not afford medical aid. She is currently admitted to Mediclinic Constantiaberg for the operation to insert a pipe for her dialysis. Her sister, Hilda Norman Booysen says: “Queenie has received her first treatment and this has helped her tremendously. We as a family have decided to take medical aid out for Queenie but that will only kick in a year from now.”

It’s not just about money

Lionel, Queenie’s husband, says there are other ways that the public can help until Queenie’s medical aid kicks in and she is eligible for continued medical management at Nephritic Clinic. 

To read more about Queenie’s challenging situation click here. You can also get in contact with Hilda at the following address: or contact her on 068 297 5056.

Tracy Ugarchund & Associates and Renal (Kidney) Care

Kidney failure is unfortunately life threatening. Uncontrolled diabetes and mismanaged hypertension can lead to kidney failure. As Registered Dietitians Tracy and her Associates can professionally advise you on how to keep your kidneys working optimally. They are also trained to assist with predialysis and dialysis nutrition. Contact them today for any concerns around renal care.