You want to eat healthy but you’re pretty sure you’ll miss all your favourite foods and your meals and snacks will be boring. Right? Wrong!

Turn to technology for inspiration

With a wide range of free recipe apps and ‘tried and tested’ recipes on personal and professional blogs, the Internet can be your best friend when it comes to finding inspiration. Once a Registered Dietitian gives you the nutritional advice you need to get started, you can search for dishes that combine your recommended ingredients and nutrients.

But I don’t have time to cook?

Yes, this is a valid obstacle when it comes to preparing meals, but from personal experience I can tell you that meal prep can be as quick as 5 minutes. Take half an hour before your busy week starts to look for quick and simple recipes. Then buy the ingredients on the weekend or when you have time at the beginning of the week. Look to incorporate a new recipe every 2-3 weeks and your palate will never be bored. Once you get into the routine of this, meal prep will not only be easy, but exciting too.

Food for thought

Bright colours and beautiful layers can truly kickstart your taste buds. Just think of when you see a beautifully presented plate of food in a restaurant or a magazine. A simple way to apply this to home cooking (especially for pre-packed meals and work lunches), are stuffed mason jars.

Mason jars allow you to stack up practically any ingredients or leftovers. They are reusable, designed to last and can easily be washed and heat sterilised, which makes them eco-friendly. You can take them to work, class, on a road trip, etc. And they look so pretty too! They’re especially good for breakfast yoghurt parfaits and salads. But really, any meal can look good in a mason jar. You can also prep your meals for the week in mason jars, as they keep food fresh for up to 5 days. This is one of the easiest ways to eat healthy and enjoy the aesthetics of food.

Tracy Ugarchund & Associates are here to help

Tracy Ugarchund and her Associates are all Registered Dietitians. University trained with BSC Medical Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics, they can guide you on ways to keep your meal planning fresh and inspiring.

A practical tip from Tracy Ugarchund herself

“Know what you eat. Put food into your body that you have prepared, so you understand what went into it – every ingredient, from the spices to the liquids! Do not be afraid of tasty food. Garlic, ginger, spices and lemon all add natural flavour to your food. The zing of chilli always adds dimension to any pot of food. The more colours on your plates (often provided by vegetables) the more natural your food is. The more the variety in textures on your plate, the better. Enjoy eating healthy tasty food!”

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